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Our website address: https://www.kal2.com.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for KAL 2 COMMUNICATION Website (https://www.kal2.com/) is used to read the privacy policy on the website.

This privacy policy has been made to help customers to understand that their information will be stored by KAL 2 COMMUNICATION as KAL 2 COMMUNICATION’s aim is to provide high-quality service and experience to its User/Customers.

Please note that KAL 2 COMMUNICATION can change this Policy from time to time without prior notice.

1. Introduction

This statement explains customer’s right to their personal information and contains general rules that apply to the handling of the customer’s personal information while they are using KAL 2 COMMUNICATION’s products or services, websites, and any product or service that we offer. Customers are legally bound by this statement that the customers have accepted these terms while signing up with KAL2 Communication and customers should carefully read this statement before signing up..

2. Type of Information collected

a. Non Personal Information:

KAL 2 COMMUNICATION may collect certain non-personal information such as customer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, operating system, browser type, and Internet service provider. This type of information does not identify the customer personally.

b. Personal Information:

Once the customer has provided his phone number his information can be used for automated calls or messages.

c. Correspondence:

We can send you service-related notifications or there can be notices regarding change of policies.

d. Third-Party entities

We use a third-party credit card processing company for purchases, and other third-party companies to monitor site traffic, which may, in some instances, store customers’ information. By using this Website or the Application Service, customers consent to the collection, storage, and use of the personal information for any of the services that we offer, and their consent to our collection of any changes or updates that they may provide that is collected by KAL 2 COMMUNICATION.

3. KAL 2 COMMUNICATION’s undertaking

a. The customer’s information will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy and the applicable laws.

b. The whole process of handling customer’s personal information with be transparent.

c. The process of processing customer’s information will be through legitimate means. Once the customer’s information will no longer required we will dispose of it safely.

e. The company will make it possible by all means that the customer’s information is handled safely with appropriate security measures.

4. Notification of Changes

KAL2 Communication has the right to change these terms from time to time and customers may receive notification regarding changes in terms.

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